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Yard Info is a new horse racing tipster service provided through the Tipster TV arm of the Betfan group. Selections come courtesy of Michael Kendal.

What does the product offer?

Yard Info is a new horse racing tipster service with creator Michael Kendal being a graduate of Betfan’s successful Tipster Planet programme. Purely from a technical standpoint Yard Info is a pretty straight forward example of things. There are two things that stand out about Yard Info however, one of which is that Michael Kendal sends out selections the night before a race (allowing you to theoretically get the best odds) and the volume of selections per day which can range from 2 bets per day right up into double digits.

All bets are win bets and they follow the usual Betfan staking plan of 5 points per bet which can mean that your stakes quickly rack up. In terms of how Yard Info has performed, it has maintained a strike rate of 31.82% since December 2014.

How does the product work?

Michael Kendal is pretty forthcoming about how he makes the selections for Yard Info. They come from a combination of claimed experience (with 3 years as a professional bettor), his own personal ratings system and finally, a number of inside contacts that he claims to have inherited from his betting mentor as well as cultivating some of his own.

This combination when put with a claimed 6 hours of work a day into which selections make the grade, allegedly allows Yard Info to excel where most services that are based on one or the other will fail.

What is the initial investment?

Tipster TV offer two subscriptions if you want to sign up to Yard Info. The first of these is a monthly subscription which runs for 28 days and costs £39. There is also a quarterly option which runs for 90 days and cists £78.

At the time of writing however, you can get Yard Info on a trial basis with 90 days for just £36. Unfortunately, there isn’t really any money back guarantee in place with this.

What is the rate of return?

Over 13 months Yard Info has produced a points profit of 809.55 points which is a respectable looking figure. The ROI paints a much clearer image of 7.13% which isn’t bad, but I have seen better.


One of the best things that I can say about Yard Info is that it is long running on Tipster Planet which means that there is plenty of proofing. This is particularly beneficial as it allows you to see the bigger picture which is that Yard Info is very up and down.

Whilst it has ultimately made money, there have been pretty pronounced losing periods as well. This does make Yard Info something of a long term commitment and whilst I don’t believe that there is anything inherently wrong with this, you should be prepared for the worst if you are going to buy.

Personally, for £39 per month, I would be looking at other services.


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