Your Roulette Cash Machine Review Rich Fisher

Your Roulette Cash Machine is a new to market betting system which has been authored by one Rich Fisher. He claims that he has developed a betting system that will allow you to consistently beat roulette at online casinos.

Introduction to Your Roulette Cash Machine

One of the single most important things if you are looking to take your betting seriously and to the next level is understanding where and how you can get an edge. This might be seeing where other punters are blindly sinking money in a betting exchange, it might be by following a niche angle on betting that offers you insight that bookies miss, and sometimes it might be that insider tip. All of these are seemingly different, but they all fundamentally revolve around the same thing. Knowing more than somebody.

Now, think of casino games. There are still some ways of “knowing more” than somebody else. You can understand percentages and probability for card games or how to roll the dice in craps. Because they are real things, tied to rules. Rich Fisher claims to be able to “know” more than the games in an online casino, specifically, we are talking about roulette (as the name suggests). And in his guide, Your Roulette Cash Machine, he says that he will show you the same method he supposedly uses to profit.

This is an incredibly interesting claim to me. Because ultimately, like with any game of chance in a casino, the house has an inherent edge. So, if Rich Fisher can actually do a good job of eradicating this edge, then it should make Your Roulette Cash Machine a must have product, right? There’s certainly a lot to be said for simply making money as and when you want it. With all of that said, let’s dive right into this and see whether or not it can actually deliver.  

What Does Your Roulette Cash Machine Offer?

Rich Fisher talks a big game about Your Roulette Cash Machine. He talks about a “‘no lose’ secret system” which is “based on very simple maths”. He claims that anybody who learns his method “need never fear playing roulette again” (were people actually scared of this!?). The part that really jumps out at me is this. We are told “The fact is, if you put into practice the information in *Your Roulette Cash Machine*, you WILL make money”.

All of this incredible information which is guaranteeing us quite significant profit all comes courtesy of a manual. And if I’m entirely honest, a rather slim one at that. Now, in and of itself, that doesn’t have to be a problem. I can say with confidence that having looked at a lot of betting manuals in my time, that most of them bloat themselves and spend far too much time focusing on things that don’t matter.

So, at the very least, I feel like Rich Fisher should be credited on his conciseness with Your Roulette Cash Machine. Don’t get me wrong, there are parts of the manual that are prone to flights of fancy, and you could probably strip it down even more than it already is if you were so inclined. But it isn’t like some things that I read that are more akin to an advert for other services rather than a self contained betting system.

Now, having said that, I do feel like betting system is probably a bit of a stretch with Your Roulette Cash Machine. A statement that I am quite certain Rich Fisher would strongly disagree with. But here’s the thing, what you are really buying into here is a more of a staking plan than a full blown betting system.

I’ll admit, I can see from a marketing point why this decision has been taken. I will also concede that in so much as you are betting on certain outcomes, there is a (loosely defined) system in place. But this has much more to do with using certain stakes than the bets you are placing. Which makes it slightly frustrating that the word system is used 40 times in the sales pitch, whilst the words staking plan are used just twice.  

In terms of content, I’ll say that the writing for Your Roulette Cash Machine isn’t terrible. It’s certainly readable and I think it does a very adequate job of conveying what you are supposed to be doing. In fact, I will say that solely as a product, I don’t think that this is the worst thing that I have ever seen. Whether or not the approach is workable though… That is a different question.

The fact is that if you are going to follow this strategy, then realistically, you will need a pretty substantial betting bank. For some context on this, Rich Fisher says that you will start out with just £50 in your casino account, however, you will be using minimum bets of 20p per stake. This means a theoretical 250 point bank. However, the actual stakes using Your Roulette Cash Machine will fluctuate.

Moving on from this, I want to get back to what is included with Your Roulette Cash Machine. Specifically, I want to talk about a bonus product that Rich Fisher provides. This is titled “The Mindset of Gambling Winners” and it is a very interesting thing. We are told that the biggest reason most people lose money when gambling is because “they don’t relate what they bet to what they are willing to lose”. We are also told that we bet based on emotion rather than logic (a salient point I will pick up shortly).  

Rich Fisher tells us that this talks about things like “The 4 Essential Ingredients to Successful Profitable Gambling”, “The three types of gambler and which one you want to be”, and The 3 Pillars of drastically tipping the odds in your favour”. All of this sounds quite impressive and like a substantial bonus, but I’m not convinced about this at all. Because actually, without it, I don’t think Your Roulette Cash Machine carries nearly the same appeal. Something else that I want to discuss later on.

And that is really about it in terms of what Your Roulette Cash Machine actually offers. It is one of those strange things whereby it really does seem like Rich Fisher is giving you a lot for your money. Especially with the inclusion of that bonus product. However, I am really not convinced that this is a particularly good offering for reasons I will explore fully in my conclusion.

How Does Your Roulette Cash Machine Work?

As always, I feel the need to point out that as with any betting system, I won’t be talking in detail about what Rich Fisher’s approach entails. Irrespective of what I think of Your Roulette Cash Machine, I can respect that the product has been put behind a pay wall. And as such, it isn’t really my place to give away the details of this for free. However, I will say as much as I think I reasonably can.

So, I have already mentioned that fact that really, this is more of a staking plan than a proper betting system. Something that I will absolutely back. And in theory, the staking plan looks pretty good. It doesn’t carry the same level of risk as say, a Martingale system, but recovery is a big part of this. In theory, you shouldn’t go down too much. But roulette can carry long losing streaks. Hence the need for that big betting bank I talked about.  

Outside of this, the actual betting approach that you use isn’t really anything that is breaking new ground in my opinion. I’m certainly not convinced that it adds anything of particular value. Something that is, in no small part, down the fact that Your Roulette Cash Machine is a roulette system. The fact is that there is no way of “playing” roulette. Especially online, you are dealing with a random number generator. As such, there isn’t really any “pattern” that you can follow. And if there was, there wouldn’t be a need for a staking plan.

Now finally, let’s talk about how important “The Mindset of Gambling Winners” is to Your Roulette Cash Machine. Because this really frames betting as a bit of a siege mentality. Keep going until you win, and eventually you will win, kind of thing. This kind of thought process is necessary for any staking plan based system to work. Because otherwise, people would (quite reasonably) stop using a system once they were down so many points.

What is the Initial Investment?

I’ll make no bones about it. Your Roulette Cash Machine isn’t cheap. At all. Rich Fisher is asking a one time cost of £327 for access to the service with payment handled directly via Paypal or through a “request for payment” screen for Starling Bank. Alternatively, we are told, you can secure an additional £5 discount (bringing the cost down to £322) if you pay directly via a bank transfer (which goes to a Monzo bank account belonging to Richard A Clarke, the owner of The Pro Script, who are handling the marketing of this product).

Of note is the fact that Your Roulette Cash Machine comes with a full 30 day “100% Cast-Iron, Rock Solid, Test Drive Guarantee”. Here we are told that if “you don’t make a satisfactory amount of money from the information in *Your Roulette Cash Machine* then just email my publisher…within 30 days of receipt and you will get a prompt and courteous 100% refund of all your money. No questions asked. That’s a promise.”

That all sounds very good, however I do think it is noteworthy that neither of those payment options offer much recourse in the way of claiming a refund, and as such, you are relying on Rich Fisher and The Pro Script to honour this.

What is the Rate of Return?

The headline for Your Roulette Cash Machine talks about making £120 each night playing roulette for a couple of hours. Meanwhile, we’re then told that you an make £50-£150 per night. So far, this is all in line with itself. However, Rich Fisher goes on to say that actually, when you are getting started you might only make £10. Which again, seems fair.

Meanwhile, the sales material is littered with claims like “£100 per hour” or making £200 per play. And seemingly backing this up are a number of testimonials, all of which make wildly varying statements of income. But all roughly centred within that range. Honestly though, I am very sceptical of these.  

Conclusion for Your Roulette Cash Machine

All of this brings me to the big question. Is Your Roulette Cash Machine worthwhile? Well, it is very expensive. It is based on a staking system that carries a theoretically limitless risk to your finances, and the whole thing is framed by some very questionable things. So, I’ll be straight up. Probably not. But I do want to talk more about these issues.

First things first, let’s talk about the approach. As I’ve mentioned, this is the kind of thing that works on paper. In theory, you should always end up in profit if you are following Rich Fisher’s advice to the letter. But as with so many roulette based systems, that can require huge investment. The absolute embodiment of this is a Martingale system. If you keep increasing your stakes, you will end up securing profit.

But the reality is that because you have to keep increasing stakes every time. You can very quickly end up at stakes of £1,000,000. Which sounds ludicrous, but it is very much a possibility. Now, Your Roulette Cash Machine isn’t quite this aggressive. It should be harder to get to those bigger stakes, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. And if it does, well, you’re just out of luck.

Furthermore, I do want to reiterate the fact that any betting system based on random events will only ever be fuelled by fallacy. All you can do is perceive patterns that aren’t really there. At the start of this review, I talked about gaining and edge in betting. You simply cannot gain an edge over a random event (putting aside the fact that RNG’s are actually algorithms and theoretically can be cracked, because I see this argument a lot. But for almost all intents and purpose, they are random).

Then of course there is the fact that Your Roulette Cash Machine is as expensive as it is. £327 for a betting system is a hell of a lot of money. Especially one that doesn’t really have much foundation. I mean, there are plenty of other betting systems available that are better, and significantly less expensive. And they also come with actual recourse if you aren’t happy with the service.

Which brings me to something that… Honestly, I don’t quite understand about Your Roulette Cash Machine. With all of the payment platforms that exist in this day and age, I cannot grasp why Rich Fisher is just having you transfer money directly into their bank accounts. Furthermore, we’re talking about bank accounts that are very easy to open and close as they’re entirely online and app based.

Now that doesn’t mean that Your Roulette Cash Machine is necessarily bad. But it is important to consider everything. Especially when you are paying out so much money. I am sure that there are innocent reasons, but in all the time I’ve been doing this, I haven’t seen anybody take the approach that Rich Fisher and Richard Clarke have.

When you look at everything, I just don’t really see how you can look at Your Roulette Cash Machine and see a viable betting system. For… Well, just so many reasons, if I’m really honest. Maybe if it were cheaper, and it came with an actually enforceable money back guarantee, I might be inclined to say sure, it might be worth a punt if you’re into online casinos. But this is being peddled a lot at the moment as a genuine betting system. And I just don’t believe that it is that at all.  


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