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Your World Cup Tipster is a new sports betting tipster service which, as the name suggests, is focussed on the World Cup. Selections come courtesy of tipster Graham Furness.

Introduction to Your World Cup Tipster

Graham Furness is indubitably one of the single most confident tipsters that I have ever looked at, at least, based off the sales material for the service. Supposedly, he has been betting on international football since the early 80’s. He also claims that the road to Russia has ben paved with gold. I don’t know about you, but I love a good bit of marketing spiel.

Of course there can be a lot of polish and not a lot of substance with a service and frankly, I think that there are some things said in the sales material for Your World Cup Tipster which suggest that this may well be the case here. None the less, with the World Cup underway, let’s see whether or not Your World Cup Tipster is genuinely an opportunity or simply a timely cash grab.

What Does Your World Cup Tipster Offer?

Graham Furness is taking a rather unique approach to betting over the world cup with Your World Cup Tipster. Whilst I have seen a large number of tipsters aiming to cover every game, major event and so on and so forth, this is much more straight forward. Whilst Your World Cup Tipster will issue selections daily over the duration of the World Cup, these are very selective and restricted.

In fact, Graham Furness says that he will issue bets for just 3 matches on any given day. These are issued via email as well you would expect.

your-world-cup-tipster-reviewThese emails provide what I would consider to be enough information, although it is a long way from what I have seen from some top quality tipsters. This means that your email from Your World Cup Tipster will contain the time of match, what selection to place as well as the current odds. This means that whilst Graham Furness does provide what you need to get your bet down successfully, it is the minimum.

In terms of the bets themselves, Your World Cup Tipster appears to be rather straight forward however according to Graham Furness, it is made up of each way bets. I am however at a loss as to how football bets are placed each way.

There is a staking plan in place for Your World Cup Tipster however this is a very crude example and barely qualifies in my book. As mentioned, Graham Furness sends out up to 3 selections each day. You are then supposed to back these bets to 1 point per bet. What this 1 point per bet is supposed to be is “up to you” with Graham Furness saying that you should only bet what you can afford. The tipster does however proof his service to £20 stakes.

In terms of the strike rate, things become rather interesting to me. First of all, the claimed result is ultimately 73.06%. This is a hell of a number and in order for me to buy into these kind of results for Your World Cup Tipster, I would expect to see some proofing. Not surprisingly, there is none of this provided, nor in fact, any real evidence. With a strike rate of nearly 75%, it would seem fair to say that 3 in 4 bets would win.

This number is rounded up by Graham Furness however to allow for a claim of Your World Cup Tipster winning 4 in 5 bets. This doesn’t bode well for the bigger picture.

How Does Your World Cup Tipster Work?                         

We are told that Graham Furness has been betting on international football for a long time. We are also told that he has some kind of system in place for Your World Cup Tipster. At the core of this is apparently the fact that the focus of the service is on just 3 matches. These are supposedly ones in which Graham Furness knows that he has a “better chance of picking the winner”.

He  then says that “I then meticulously go over the various statistics and data; things like form and team news, and make my selections”. These of course go on to become the selections which are issued to Your World Cup Tipster subscribers.

What is the Initial Investment?

Graham Furness supposedly has a wider service and this World Cup offering is there to support this and generate interest. I am not convinced by this however for a number of reasons which I will explore in detail. Because of this, Your World Cup Tipster is being offered for an apparently bargain price. You can get access to the service for a one time cost of just £14 which will buy you tips for the duration of the tournament.

Of course there is a full 60 day money back guarantee in place, however this is rather skipped over in the sales material.

What is the Rate of Return?

Over the last 12 months, Graham Furness claims to have made £14,097 to £20 stakes. Frankly, I find this to be an unbelievable claim. This would mean 704.85 points and honestly, I know of some genuinely top notch services which would consider half of this in a year to be a strong result. Combine this with any lack of evidence and I believe that it is easy to see why I would be sceptical of the results potential for Your World Cup Tipster.

Conclusion on Your World Cup Tipster

Your World Cup Tipster is a very well put together package and straight up, I can see why it would draw people in. The marketing is slick, the website looks great and if you don’t look at things too hard, the results are entirely believable. And this is the key point that I want you to keep in mind. When you don’t look too hard. The genuine fact of the matter is that there is a lot about Your World Cup Tipster that simply doesn’t hold up to even mild scrutiny and that is what I want to explore here.

It sounds reasonable to say that by focusing on just 3 games, Graham Furness is better able to identify winners. Especially when you factor in that the system behind Your World Cup Tipster is supposedly based on extensive research and analysis.

The less games to research, the more time you can spend on each one right? Except in order for this to really make any sense, there has to be some explanation as to why those particular 3 games have been selected. Your World Cup Tipster doesn’t provide any insight into this which is yet another concern to me.

I have touched upon it already here before now but even the profits look reasonable at a glance. £14,000 over the course of a year. 700 points however is a massive claim for Your World Cup Tipster and I would very much expect evidence to back this up. Once again, there is nothing to back this up. Even the claim about winning 4 in 5 bets simply doesn’t stand up which is not surprising given that it is straight forward math.

All of this comes together to show a product that in my opinion at least, favours form over function. As a means of selling a service, Your World Cup Tipster is well put together but if you were to follow it for betting advice, I feel like the long term outcome is simply going to be you losing out on a of money over the World Cup.


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From: Simon Roberts