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YT Explosion Code Review

YT Explosion Code is a training course on video marketing created by Anji Long. She claims her course will teach users to use YouTube to generate marketing opportunities.

What does the product offer?

Developed by Anji Young, YT Explosion Code is a training course that is provided in the form of a series of videos that cover a host of different subjects including “10 closely guarded but guaranteed topics for your videos that will magnetize eyeballs to your videos and keep your viewers there from start to finish”, “7 steps to turning your marketing into a 5 minute a day method” and information on how to get “over 30,000 video views in just one month” and “the simple way to get 1,023 subscribers”. Anji Long claims that almost everyone is wrong about YouTube and video marketing as well as claiming to be amongst other things “a celebrity in my direct sales company and also in my industry”. Anji Long also provides a bonus in the form of Poor to Pro Videos that will allegedly teach users how to generate professional quality videos “even though you may just be shooting your videos on your smartphone”.

How does the product work?

As mentioned above YT Explosion Code is a training course designed to educate users on using YouTube for developing marketing lists and generating sales. The system seems to teach users how to utilise subscribers on YouTube as a basis for generating said marketing links as well as providing direct sales links on your videos.

What is the initial investment?

YT Explosion Code retails for $77 with a money back guarantee provided only in the event that you can prove to Anji Long that you have exhaustively tested her methods and she is happy that they are not working for you.

What is the rate of return?

Although there are no details of financial return Anji Long claims that these methods are responsible for producing “$1,000s upon $1,000’s” for her and her students.


YT Explosion Code as a product doesn’t appear to be all that great, in fact there have been a few products advertising similar things. What I find most interesting about this product is when you start looking in depth at the “success” that Anji Long has allegedly achieved with this product Whether this is the “house in Orlando, Florida” she rented for a week that looks suspiciously like it is a green screen effect through to looking at the actual figures that she has achieved in terms of subscribers and video views. There is also the concern around the testimonials provided. In one screenshot where a user claims to have made $264.94 in one day, $195.00 of that is from another company operated by Anji Long transferred via PayPal.

Whilst I am not saying that YT Explosion Code is fraudulent, there is not enough conclusive evidence that it works for me to be happy with here. There are simply too many things that don’t add up for my liking.



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From: Simon Roberts