YTube Spy Review

YTube Spy is a product by Tlynn Griffith that claims to be able to rank your videos on Google as well as manage everything through the online dashboard.

What does the product offer?

YTube Spy is a piece of web based software that supposedly, can rank your YouTube videos in as little as 15 minutes. At the centre of YTube Spy is actually livestreams, something that I feel is rather misleading given the way that Tlynn Griffith portrays the software (although YTube Spy can also be used for standard videos).

The software for YTube Spy comes with a huge number of analytical tools which allow you to look at and compare things like the number of views, comments and shares and your subscriber count.

In order to help users with managing their new YouTube empire, YTube Spy comes with a number of additional tools including things like a video downloader so that you can curate content (as well as filter out videos that have been uploaded with a creative commons license) and notifications when your video is actually ranked.

How does the product work?

The way in which YTube Spy works isn’t really anything new in my opinion. You are able to search for keywords, receive suggestions for alternatives and look at what other videos are ranked based on your particular search term.

All of this is unfortunately nothing new. From here, it is simply a case of monetising your content which can be done in a number of different ways.

These range from using your video to promote products and links to a suggestion that if you are in a competitive niche, commenting in top ranked videos in order to get people to view your own videos. Ultimately, monetising YTube Spy is going to be at its best with an affiliate programme.

What is the initial investment?

At the time of writing, YTube Spy is being sold for a one time cost of $27 which is an “unlimited use license”.

It is worth pointing out that rather disappointingly, Tlynn Griffith does not provide any form of money back guarantee with YTube Spy outside of a conditional returns policy if the software doesn’t work.

What is the rate of return?

Whilst much of the material for YTube Spy talks in terms of traffic, the headlines strongly suggest that it is more than possible to attain $1,000 days by employing YTube Spy.

Unfortunately, given how the software works I don’t see this as being likely and certainly not achievable by most people.


In some very minor respects, YTube Spy isn’t a bad product. I will begrudgingly say that it does what it claims to do, however this is highly conditional.

The problem is that whilst YTube Spy makes out that it can rank whatever you are looking for, its own product demo reveals that a very niche term (Snowmobile Helmets in Calgary AB) was unable to get ranked.

This is rather worrying and honestly makes me wonder how YTube Spy will rank videos in a more competitive niche

. I understand that keywords and SEO is a difficult business, but I am also of the opinion that if you are going to make a piece of software, it should be able to do the job well. With that in mind, I just don’t see it being worth $27.



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From: Simon Roberts