Zen Titan 2.0 Review

Zen Titan 2.0 is a new product from internet marketers Chris McNeeney and Ken Oboh.  It supposedly contains all of the tools required to help users almost instantly create their own affiliate marketing business.

What does the product offer?

On paper, it looks like there is a lot on offer with Zen Titan 2.0. The sales material has several big and bold claims about how you are getting 5 different pieces of software. Supposedly, Zen Titan 2.0 “Changes Amazon, eCommerce, YouTube, Google, ClickBank & JVZoo.. Affiliate Marketing & Free Traffic… Forever!”. Chris McNeeney and Ken Oboh also go on to say that it provides a “A Fresh NEW Way To Look At Free Traffic, eCommerce & Affiliate Marketing”.

I have quoted rather extensively there, however I feel that it is important to understand how Zen Titan 2.0 is being sold in order to get to the heart of the product. Naturally, we all hear these kinds of claims all the time. But given that Zen Titan 2.0 is technically a relaunch of a previous product (albeit with some new features attached), you would expect plenty of features and also some information to back these claims up. I will get to this later, but for now, let’s look at Zen Titan 2.0 as a product.

At the core of Zen Titan 2.0 are the 5 different pieces of software. Each of these does a different job and in doing so, covers a different step in the affiliate marketing process. I do have to credit Chris McNeeney and Ken Oboh and say that in this area, it is hard to ignore the fact that Zen Titan 2.0 delivers to some degree. I am unfortunately not entirely convinced that you will achieve the results claimed with it.

The first piece of software, Zen Niches, allows you to find a niche that you will operate in. This allows you to look at which niches are making money. This is rather straight forward and shows you things like the number of Google searches, the CPC, engagement and the earnings per day. These niches are predominantly researched through YouTube and Amazon.

The second piece of software that is included with Zen Titan 2.0 is a piece of spinner software. All you have to do is drag and drop an item that you want to market and the software turns it into a “review” for your site. For those who aren’t aware what a spinner is, it takes a body of text and changes it so that it reads differently. The quality of these can very massively and whilst Chris McNeeney and Ken Oboh haven’t provided the worst example I have seen, it isn’t necessarily the best quality either.

The next piece of software is Zen Video. This allows you to create “instant affiliate review videos”. What this really entails is a number of premade slides which you can edit. These are then compiled together into a basic video. Once again, I have to say that the key word here is basic. There is no real scope for changing Zen Titan 2.0 beyond the crudest of options and what you are left with has more in common with a power point presentation than a review video.

The fourth piece of software is Zen Ecommerce Theme. This allows you to quickly and easily put together a basic website which compiles the reviews that you have created with Zen Titan 2.0. Really, this is just a WordPress plugin however. As with other aspects Zen Titan 2.0 however, this is a rather restrictive process.

The final product is Zen Keyword Tool. This helps you with choosing profitable ecommerce keywords. Supposedly, there are over 100,000 buyer keywords across 100 niches included here. As well as this, Chris McNeeney and Ken Oboh claim that by using the Zen Keyword Tool will allow you to “steal” keywords from your competitors.

On top of these 5 pieces of software, Zen Titan 2.0 comes with a large number of additional features. I won’t list all of them, but generally speaking, you receive a lot of products relating to affiliate marketing. This includes things like training documents and videos, any future upgrades and access to T-Shirt Titan. This is another product which has been launched by the creators of Zen Titan 2.0.

How does the product work?

By following Zen Titan 2.0 as a step by step process, when you are finished you should have a website that can in theory be used to make money through affiliate marketing. This will include videos and reviews which should (again, in theory) generate traffic. If somebody buys a product through your website, then you earn an affiliate commission. This means that using Zen Titan 2.0 should be straight forward. On paper I think that it is however I will tackle this subject shortly.

What is the initial investment?

Chris McNeeney and Ken Oboh are currently selling Zen Titan 2.0 for the seemingly very low price of just $9.95. This seems especially cheap when you compare it to the supposed “real value”. I have put real value in quotation marks there as depending on which part of the sales material you are reading for Zen Titan 2.0, this is either $47, $97 (both one off payments) or $147 per month. This naturally leads me to conclude that the price is unlikely to see a hike any time soon.

It is worth mentioning that there is a 30 day money back guarantee in place when you buy Zen Titan 2.0. Because the software is sold through JVZoo however, you will have to deal with Chris McNeeney and Ken Oboh directly to claim this.

What is the rate of return?

There is very little in the way of direct claims about how much Zen Titan 2.0 can actually make you. Instead, we are simply treated to a number of different examples of how much you can make as an affiliate marketer. These are generally somewhere between £5,000 and £10,000 however it is worth keeping in mind that there isn’t really any evidence to back these claims up.


There are quite a lot of problems that I have with Zen Titan 2.0 and it is rather difficult to know where to start. I feel that the most obvious place however is to look at the quality of the content that you are putting out. Put bluntly, it is rather lacking. The spinner is somewhat prone to using the same phrases and note entirely making sense. Given that the reviews are supposedly integral to generating traffic, this isn’t the best start.

The WordPress plugin that makes up your website is probably at its best functional. At worst, it is clunky, unimaginative and will almost always end up looking more or less the same. This become part of a bigger problem that I will get to shortly. The same can very easily applied to the videos that you can create with Zen Titan 2.0.

I have touched upon the fact that there is some repetition in place when it comes to the content that you create with Zen Titan 2.0. Really though, I haven’t touched on quite how bad it is. I can say with pretty considerable confidence that it won’t take long before you have to start repeating designs etc.

This has two effects as far as I am concerned. One is that anybody that visits your website will be quickly and easily able to discern that you are simply selling something. The other problem is that the same will apply to everybody else who is using Zen Titan 2.0. Let’s just for a minute presume that Chris McNeeney and Ken Oboh will sell enough copies of Zen Titan 2.0 to make the $5,000 that they talk about in their sales material. This means that there will be 500 other people, all churning out the same content as you, all within the same number of niches.

I am always on the lookout for something that can allow people to build an online business. This applies doubly so if there is value for money to be had. In the case of Zen Titan 2.0 however, whilst it is cheap, I see no value. Put bluntly, the content that you create simply isn’t enough for my liking. What you do put out is massively restricted, unimaginative and has very little chance of generating traffic and interest.

There are always products in a similar vein to Zen Titan 2.0 and for my money, they all fall prey to the same problems. Creating an affiliate business does take quite a lot of work and simply using cookie cutter templates like Zen Titan 2.0 very rarely work. The niches that are recommended are all generally highly profitable which makes getting noticed and driving traffic difficult. The way to do this isn’t to use the same template as a bunch of other people with the same content.

With all of this in mind, even getting change from $10 and having a money back guarantee don’t make this worth buying. Sometimes things are cheap for a reason and in this case, I find it rather apparent why Zen Titan 2.0 falls into this category.



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From: Simon Roberts