Zero Risk Trader Review

Zero Risk Trader is a horse racing betting system from Steve Davidson that he claims will allow you to bet and only win.

What does the product offer?

Zero Risk Trader is a horse racing betting system (previously offered under the name Risk Free Trader) for win bets on races across the UK and Ireland. Zero Risk Trader is available as a 65 page PDF document but also comes with an optional piece of software that will identify bets for you and automatically place the trades for you. Bets are placed before the race and are simply left with no in race trading required. The marketer behind Zero Risk Trader, Steve Davidson, says that this system marks a method of betting that is no risk although I don’t entirely believe this.

How does the product work?

Given that Steve Davidson says that you need accounts through Betfair and Betdaq as well as bookmakers, it seems that Zero Risk Trader may well involve a combination of placing bets and using lay bets to minimise losses/ensure winners.

What is the initial investment?

The standard system manual for Zero Risk Trader sells for a one off cost of £149.95. Alternatively you can pay £199.95 for the manual and 3 months of access to the Zero Risk Trader software. If you don’t opt for the 3 months software access or once the period has elapsed, access to Zero Risk Trader’s software sells for £99.97 for 6 months or £139.97 for 12 months. As with all products marketed by Steve Davidson there is an unfortunate lack of any money back guarantee.

What is the rate of return?

The returns for are advertised at between £5,000 and £15,000. This seems to be based on Zero Risk Trader generating 196.24 points of profit in 21 weeks.


Zero Risk Trader definitely has potential to work and my research has shown a number of different people who have found success with this system which is promising. Usually I am wary of Steve Davidson’s products as they seem to be rather hit and miss but in the case of Zero Risk Trader it looks like a winner. I have some concerns about the price, including the software but if Zero Risk Trader can deliver (which it seems to be able to do) then this will eventually pay for itself.



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From: Simon Roberts