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Zero to Hero Review

Zero to Hero is a football tipster service provided by Stark Investors that is based around betting on teams not scoring.

What does the product offer?

Zero to Hero is a subscription based tipster service that Stark Investors say is able to generate large amounts of income by exploiting the odds given on no goals scored bets. Stark Investors say that as more and more people take up goal based betting (i.e. both teams to score, one team to score etc.) the odds have become more favourable for predicting a none scoring game. Zero to Hero tips are sent out for a variety of matches covering English, European and International football as well as games in other leagues across the world.

How does the product work?

Stark Investors say that it is pretty easy to figure out which games are going to end up with at least one side being goalless (the bets don’t require a nil-nil draw, just for one team to not score). Looking at their betting results for Zero to Hero there are certain patterns that emerge in terms of the bets that they place. Bets are placed on the basis of single bets as well as doubles, triples and accumulators with the accumulators and the like making up the bulk of Zero to Hero’s profit whilst the single wins keep the betting bank ticking over.

What is the initial investment?

Zero to Hero has two subscription plans, one being monthly at a cost of £39.95 and the other being annually for £199.00. There is no mention of a money back guarantee in place.

What is the rate of return?

Stark Investors claim that Zero to Hero has produced average results of £5,000 profit per month although this is only over a selective four month period. The results have actually waned since September producing four months of minimal profit (no more than £91.00) losses. Over the course of a year this still provides an average of £3,558.91 per month.


On paper the numbers speak for themselves showing Zero to Hero to be a profitable enterprise. What must be looked at in further detail is the fact that these results are based off £100 stakes which will likely be too much for the average bettor to invest on a per bet basis. Most importantly though is that the majority of the profits shown have come from accumulators. When you view the results discounting the accumulators you are left looking at a much less profitable system, and given the fact that accumulator bets are something that don’t come in all that often in the long term it (as is evidenced looking at the 12 month results) doesn’t look like Zero to Hero will prove all that profitable.



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