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Foresight FX Review

Created by Carlos Diaz, Foresight FX is a program that teaches users how to trade on Forex profitably. The program is based on Carlos Diaz’s 20+ years of experience.

What does the product offer?

Foresight FX covers a lot of different aspects of the Forex trading process. Creator Carlos Diaz very much seems to be the real deal which is refreshing for any Forex product. Foresight FX provides users with daily forecasts and coaching to improve their knowledge and understanding of Forex trading. Again, this is refreshingly different to the more standard “here’s a bot or indicators, its profitable” technique that many Forex “experts” choose to utilise. That isn’t to say that there isn’t anything like this provided. In fact Carlos Diaz provides his proprietary indicator Omegavus MACD which was custom built for his own use.

How does the product work?

There appears to be two main angles to Foresight FX, the first being the more obvious one which is advice on trading, indicators, market analysis results etc. These are all based on Carlos Diaz’s experience in trading which amounts to over 20 years. The second aspect to Foresight FX is the mentorship and training. This means that Carlos Diaz isn’t just telling you successful trading methods, he is teaching you to understand why they’re successful and how he arrived at the decision. This means that you are also being coached to become a successful trainer yourself and that is something that is potentially priceless for the future.

What is the initial investment?

Foresight FX isn’t cheap. At $97 a month it is rather on the expensive side however I feel that Carlos Diaz is able to justify the costs if his service is able to work well. If you wish to try Foresight FX there is a trial period available for 14 days for just $7 although this doesn’t give you access to the training side of Foresight FX, nor does it give you the indicators. There is no traditional money back guarantee in place but Carlos Diaz says that if you don’t make 200 pips profit in a month following the techniques laid out in Foresight FX you will receive a refund for that month.

What is the rate of return?

Carlos Diaz claims to make between 600 and 800 pips in profit per month using the methods laid out in Foresight FX. In terms of a pounds and pence value this will depend on the trade investment.


Foresight FX is a pleasant surprise when compared to the other online opportunities that are available, particularly in terms of Forex products. The product is professionally laid out and markets itself articulately and attractively. There are no marketing gimmicks involved here and that reinforces my belief that Foresight FX is the real deal. What I really like about this product though is that more than trying to just take your money, Carlos Diaz really seems like he wants to help people to improve their trading. Given the trial period that is available I see very little reason to give Foresight FX a go, especially if you already have an interest in Forex trading.



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I have been following Carlos Diaz Forex forecasts for over a year now and I’m happy to recommend the service.

he has done well

where do i sign up for the trial offer. unless i am missing something here. thanks

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