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Insider Bets Review

Insider Bets is a horse racing tipster service which is operated by Mike Dempsey. He claims that in conjunction with a secretive group of insiders, he is able to generate a substantial amount of profit.

Introduction to Insider Bets 

Ask one hundred losing punters why they lose and it seems like at least one of them will tell you that it’s all fixed. It doesn’t matter what sport it is. There is just no way that sometimes, bets don’t go their way.

That may or may not sound familiar. You might even be right to feel that way. But even if you don’t look at things that explicitly, there is a niggling doubt, surely? So what would you want from a tipster service?

insider-bets-review One that is operated by somebody who is “in the know”. Who can tell you when a horse is guaranteed to win because the shadowy cabal of trainers, jockeys, and bookies are in on it all, communicate with the tipster themselves.

It sounds appealing and services like Insider Bets know this. Mike Dempsey’s claims are quite outlandish, but not new. The big question is whether or not there is any truth to any of this.  

What Does Insider Bets Offer?

Despite the claims that are made and the way that Mike Dempsey presents Insider Bets, I can say here and now that what you are getting is a pretty straight forward tipster service.

Selections are issued directly to subscribers on a daily basis, as you would expect (although I suppose that technically, Mike Dempsey is notifying you of where you can find the bets. Arguably the biggest red flag that surrounds Insider Bets and that is saying something). All that you have to do is place your bets with the bookie of your choice.

In terms of the bets, from what I have seen, Insider Bets is a pretty standard affair. There is little to suggest that you will have anything but win bets to back from Mike Dempsey. Naturally, it is somewhat early days at this point and there are no guarantees for the future, but it seems that there are going to be few surprises for the future.

This likely means relatively low volume and a fair range of odds, but this is somewhat speculative on my behalf. The sales material for Insider Bets simply doesn’t do anything to convince you that there may be something a bit special about the service.

This brings me on to the staking plan.

This is a big part of how Insider Bets works and it is something that Mike Dempsey has chosen to keep under wraps. There is a lot of talk about it saying that it is a “very cunning method” and that it will fast track the process of building your betting bank. The fact of the matter is that there isn’t anything here that is really new.

I won’t give away details as I don’t think that it is far, but what is proposed for Insider Bets is a long way from revolutionary.

Finally, we come to how often you can expect to win with Insider Bets. Now, there are two references to the strike rate in the sales material. First of all, Mike Dempsey says that this method of betting “has an insane strike results”.

He also points out that when the jockey who is supposedly behind Insider Bets offered the service, Mike Dempsey insisted on a decent proofing period of at least a year, a courtesy which has not been stretched to the sales page for the service. All of this leads to an entirely unsubstantiated claim of the service identifying winning bets 86% of the time.  

How Does Insider Bets Work?

I feel like it is probably fair to say that in the case of Insider Bets, the way that the service is claimed to work is probably the part that Mike Dempsey was really trying to sell you on, this is as opposed to the actual system. Here there are effectively two intrinsically linked claims that are made.

The first of these is that there is a mass conspiracy in the horse racing industry which aims to effectively rob punters of their bets.

This aspect of Insider Bets is talked about in ways that seems somewhat grounded in rationality. For example, we are told things like “fully 85% of horses in any race have no realistic chance of winning”. Supposedly, Mike Dempsey’s jockey friend is privy to which of these horses are these winners.

That brings me on to the next key element of how Insider Bets is supposed to work. We have stablished that there is supposedly a lot of corruption going. Mike Dempsey’s friend though knows which horses have ben “sent to win” and through this and a large number of vague claims (Mike Dempsey boasts that he has “developed a network of reliable information which will present the exact races and horses that have been SENT OUT TO WIN!”.

What is the Initial Investment?

There is only one option if you wish to subscriber to Insider Bets and that is a one time payment of £27.

There are a number of points relating to this that I want to pick up, but one of the key ones is that Mike Dempsey doesn’t actually mentioned anywhere in the sales page for the product. You do get a full 60 day money back guarantee in place which is backed up by the fact that Insider Bets is sold through the Clickbank platform.

What is the Rate of Return?

Mike Dempsey claims in the headline for Insider Bets that you will make more than £80,300.50 in 2019. Immediately below this, we are told that “This method will GUARANTEE that you make 5k to 10k+ each month”.

We are then shown some highly suspect photos of a Betfair account for February and March which show around £12,000 in. This has seemingly been earned over the course of each month. Then there are questionable screenshots of an HSBC account with more than £100,000 in it.

Conclusion on Insider Bets 

I make no bones about the fact that I think that Insider Bets is absolute crap.

I don’t often quote extensively from a sales page for a tipster service, but in this case, I just can’t quite help myself.

“Let me share with you a quote from the Jockey/Trainer Partnership agreement:

“After intensive trial and error since late 2017, coupled with refining our contacts,ensuring discretion and consistency, we have developed a SUPREMELY ACCURATE FORECASTING TECHNIQUE which effectively takes the risk out of horse race betting.

Without exaggeration, there is no known reason why this product will not continue to produce phenomenally profitable bets. The system’s major forte is its ability to uncover winners with unfailing accuracy.

Furthermore, many of those winners start off at remunerative odds – much higher than their ‘true chance’ percentage would suggest!

This means REAL VALUE in each bet!

In addition, we have established a very cunning staking method which ensures the MAXIMUM growth of betting capital or return on a single bet. Best of all, it takes a mere few minutes each day and anyone can do it!””

Just take a minute to process the implication of this. The jockey who is providing Mike Dempsey with top secret inside information, takes the time to write out a contract (very badly I would like to add) talking about everything that they are doing behind the scenes of Insider Bets.

The claims that are made about the income are frankly ridiculous and entirely unsubstantiated. Whilst there is a staking plan that is in place, I simply don’t believe that there is any way that you can turn £50 into 5 figures in any realistic timescale. It is worth mentioning once again that there is no real evidence to back these claims up at all.

This should be enough for me to call Insider Bets out as a highly questionable tipster service which isn’t worth your time and effort, but honestly, there is so much more that is arguably more important.

Arguably the most visible to me is the fact that when you go to the Clickbank payment screen, you are not actually paying for “Insider Bets”. Instead, it is a product called Auto Bet 500. This is a name that is massively familiar to me that has shown up on a number of highly questionable tipster services.

Not surprisingly, I wouldn’t recommend Insider Bets in the slightest. It is quite apparent to me that there is very questionable service and I don’t believe that any of the claims made are of substance. The whole thing just doesn’t sit right and I can genuinely say that this is one of the worst efforts I have seen for a long time.  


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