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Bets of the Day is a new horse racing tipster service from the Winning Information Network arm of the larger Betfan group. It is sold as a high yield service with selections coming courtesy of a tipster referred to simply as Owen.

What does the product offer?

As always Winning Information Network are very clear about what they believe that they are selling in their product. In the case of Bets of the Day, this is supposedly “only the very best horse racing tips”.  I am quite certain that Winning Information Network don’t literally mean this, however what it does do is set the tone in terms of my expectations from Bets of the Day. With this in mind, I am quite curious to see whether or not Bets of the Day can come close to the claims made at all

At a cursory glance, the website for Bets of the Day definitely pushes Winning Information Network’s overall approach. This includes plenty of talk about just how much you can earn with the service (although I will explore this in full below). Truth be told I would normally skip over these choice examples and “get stuck in to it [Bets of the Day]” and let it run. This time however I feel that the approach of Winning Information Network to Bets of the Day means that everything should have some strong context for understanding claims.

In terms of what you are actually getting with Bets of the Day, this is very much a straightforward example of a tipster service. Winning Information Network release Owen’s tips on an almost daily basis. These are ad e available online at a special member’s area as well as being sent out via email. One area that I have to credit Owen on with Bets of the Day is the volume of bets. Where I have looked at far too many services recently which appear to be seeing what “sticks to the wall”, there is some strong direction with Bets of the Day.

There are two things that are varied with Bets of the Day however. These are the bets that you place and the odds that you are backing at. The bets can be broken down into win bets and each way bets. Owen will also advise of the occasional double. The win bets are mostly placed on those horses that have lower odds whilst each way bets tend to be reserved for odds of 10.0 plus.

All of this brings me to the numbers aspect of Bets of the Day. The staking plan that is in place is a rather interesting affair and involves compounding your bets as you go. Each time that you bet, you should be betting 2.5%. Using this method, Owen claims to have increased a starting betting bank 10 fold which Winning Information Network have proofed. Keeping with the numbers side of Bets of the Day, the average strike rate since proofing with Winning Information Network began in March 2017 stands at a respectable enough 37.65%.

How does the product work?                                            

Owen is seemingly very up front about what is involved with his service behind the scenes. He says that his service is ultimately based on “hard graft”. What this means is an approach which is fundamentally built around statistical analysis and value. The sales material for Bets of the Day also talks about having contacts at various stables around the UK. What makes me inclined to believe this to genuinely be the case is that this is quickly downplayed and claimed ot be used simply as another tool rather than gospel.

As well as the statistical analysis side of things, there is also a strong focus on finding value with Bets of the Day. A quick look over the odds show that this is definitely there. What is particularly reassuring isn’t just that these odds have been backed, they have actually won a fair few.

What is the initial investment?

Bets of the Day is a Winning Information Network product which means in turn being a part of the Betfan group. These are not known for making their services particularly cheap and as such, I was ready for some high prices. What I wasn’t prepared for is £57 every 28 days (with VAT on top of this as well). The 90 day package has very cleary been priced more attractively at £90 for 90 days.

As a part of the Betfan group, Winning Information Network don’t really offer any money back guarantee on any of their products. What they do say however is that you can submit a refund request which will be reviewed although these aren’t typically provided.

What is the rate of return?

There are two numbers that need to be looked at in terms of the returns for Bets of the Day. The first of these is the points profit. This stands at 386.74 points at the time of writing. This is however on the back of a significant losing period which has seen Bets of the Day’s profits drop from 478 points. What is slightly more interesting is the betting bank increase. Using a compounded plan this went from £2,000 to over £27,000. It is worth noting however that the results for this haven’t been updated since peak points which lead me to believe that this number may be significantly smaller since then.


At a glance Bets of the Day looks to be a decent little earner. Of course, how something looks and how it operates can be, and often are, miles apart. First things first, I want to focus on the positives of Bets of the Day, because there are definitely some there. Even though the profits on a points basis are down by almost 100 points from the peak, the final figure is still a decent amount for any service to have made.

I also rather like the compounding approach that has been taken. It is always good to see tipsters trying something new, especially when it works. Once again, Bets of the Day won’t currently stand at £25,000 profit in a short space of time. In fact, £20,000 from £2,000 looks much more likely for the results over the last few months. This is unfortunately where I have to highlight the faults with Bets of the Day.

There have been two points where Bets of the Day has been at around the 480 point profit mark. On the first occasion around 80 points were lost and on the second 100 points were lost. Whilst these numbers aren’t necessarily big in the grand scheme of things, it remains important to consider Bets of the Day from the perspective of anybody who joined the service at these peak and may well have had a betting bank wiped out. The recover the next month doesn’t help a lot in this situation.

There is also the idea of value for money to be considered. At £90 for 90 days, I think that Bets of the Day isn’t a bad offering however the monthly fees are exorbitant. It is clear that the longer package is the one that Winning Information Network want people to sign up for but I do feel that a month to try things out should cost a lot less than 66% of the quarterly subscription.

With all of this in mind, I have to be straight and say I am not a fan of Bets of the Day. It is an expensive service which has produced reasonable results, albeit with the potential to generate much stronger ones in the future. To really get the most from this you need a significant betting bank and a willingness to see it dwindle. If for some reason that ticks your boxes then I believe that there may be strong profit potential there, but for the majority of punters this is a service that simply won’t fit their needs.


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From: Simon Roberts