Unstoppable PLR Review

Unstoppable PLR is a new PLR product from Aurelis Tjin that is based around making money from ebooks. It also shows you how to market it as your own.

What does Unstoppable PLR offer?

Whenever I look at a PLR product, I like to look at it as two different products in a sense. The first is what you are selling. In the case of Unstoppable PLR, it is a book that looks at how to make money by writing and selling ebooks.

This runs to 60 pages and focuses on the usual approach for this kind of thing, namely how you can go about writing a book without actually knowing anything about the topic at hand, or having to carry out all the research to get your understanding to a reasonable level.

The PLR side of Unstoppable PLR comes with full master rights. This means that you can modify the book, change the title, put your name on it. Pretty much anything that you want to do with Unstoppable PLR, you can. unstoppable-plr-review

You can even sell it on with resell rights. Unstoppable PLR also comes with full training on what you can do to change the book as well as covering how to market and sell on your altered version. There are also a number of templates for promotional materials included as well as several bonuses, all of which are fundamentally a part of the product itself.

How does Unstoppable PLR work?

As a PLR product, Unstoppable PLR isn’t really concerned with the product that you are selling. Instead the idea is that you sell on the product that you have bought yourself, ultimately enabling you to potentially profit more (and with less effort) than if you were to sell products on an affiliate basis.

What is the initial investment?

Aurelis Tjin is currently selling Unstoppable PLR via JVZoo for a one time cost of just $17 (allegedly a discount on the “real” value of $47). This comes with a full 30 day money back guarantee, however you will have to deal with the vendor directly if you have to claim this.

What is the rate of return?

There is very little in the way of discussion about the income potential of Unstoppable PLR. This isn’t something that particularly surprises me however as in my experience, most PLR products don’t end up being particularly successful unless you are already known in a niche.

Conclusion on Unstoppable PLR?

In my opinion, PLR products are rarely worth the time and effort (with some very minor exceptions).

The fundamental problem is that unless you have carried out the groundwork and have an existing list that you can market to or a website that is generating traffic, it is very difficult to sell anything as simply having a product doesn’t mean that you are going to sell it. The other issue with PLR is that you are instantly competing with everybody else who bought the product.

Yes, you can customise it and you can tweak it here and there, but the content is fundamentally the same and this makes it much harder for your version to stand out. Personally, I just don’t see the value in Unstoppable PLR and as such, I wouldn’t be inclined to recommend it really.



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From: Simon Roberts