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1 Pound Punt is a new to market horse racing tipster service which is operated by one Harold Schmitt. He claims to be able to turn very small bets into quite substantial profit.

Introduction to 1 Pound Punt

I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve opened with a good headline. Fortunately, today’s subject has me covered. “STOP RISKING £1,000’s TO MAKE £1,000’s” we’re boldly told. And it’s an interesting idea really. Of course, it isn’t that straight forward either, but let’s be honest… Following a tipster service can be an expensive business. Even I generally assume a betting bank of about £1,000 when I’m working numbers out. That isn’t a small amount of money.

Which leads me nicely into 1 Pound Punt. Because really, this is pretty much the full premise of the service. Bet small amounts, build up massive profits. Honestly, if Harold Schmitt can deliver on this to even a small degree it will be a massive winner. And in theory, it should be possible using the approach that he uses. I say this because it is ultimately one that I have at least some level of familiarity with.

Now, whilst I say that in one breath, I also want to acknowledge that ultimately, that if is a pretty big one. Because whilst I have seen the approach that Harold Schmitt is taking with 1 Pound Punt work before, I feel like I have seen it fail many more times over. So, with that out there, let’s get straight down to business and see if this is one of those rare occasions where the premise delivers.

What Does 1 Pound Punt Offer?

There is a lot to unpack when it comes to 1 Pound Punt, if I’m honest. Harold Schmitt throws a lot of information at you and not all of it is… Shall we say, necessarily pertinent. What I mean by this is that there is a lot of waffle. And this makes it rather difficult to know where to begin. There is however one point that I feel stands out enough to warrant starting with.

You see, when you sign up for 1 Pound Punt, you aren’t just getting 1 Pound Punt. In conjunction with the core service, Harold Schmitt also adds in his “Card of the Day” tips. Now from a marketing standpoint, this is an interesting move. And I will definitely touch on these Card of the Day elements. But first of all, I want to focus on that core service.

Now, those of you who come to the sales page for the service expecting information about what you’re getting into… Well, prepare to be very disappointed. The fact is that Harold Schmitt doesn’t really say much of anything about the management side of 1 Pound Punt. And that is a very interesting tell in my opinion.

What I don’t understand is why he doesn’t. From what I have seen of 1 Pound Punt, it isn’t going to win any awards for management. It’s a very typical daily horse racing tipster service. Selections are sent out via email. You place the bets that are advised. It really is that simple. Something that ultimately works to the detriment of Harold Schmitt.

Because, as it seems I always have to highlight with this sort of thing, the information that you receive is minimal. Don’t get me wrong, you’ll get enough to ensure that you know what bets to place. If you were looking for anything more than this though, unfortunately, you will be disappointed. Because 1 Pound Punt is very basic.

With all of that out of the way, let’s talk about the things Harold Schmitt really wants to talk about. Namely, the bets. Because this is a massive part of what 1 Pound Punt involves. Now ultimately, you are looking at backing accumulators here. Exclusively. But there is a hell of a range of them available.

First things first, we are told that the majority of bets are simply doubles or trebles. However, Harold Schmitt really likes to venture into the realm of the exotic. He also likes to place Trixie bets, Yankee’s and even the rarely seen Super Yankee (aka. A Canadian). This behemoth brings together 26 bets into one massive series of accumulators.

Honestly, there isn’t really anything that outstanding about 1 Pound Punt so far. As I said earlier, I’ve seen this kind of thing before. But we then come to the odds. Now you’re looking at some very limited sample sizes here, but Harold Schmitt effectively suggests that odds of more than 2/1 are going to be common place.

Dealing with single bets, that might be fair enough. But the implication here is that if you are following 1 Pound Punt, you can, at least semi regularly expect these to come in as part of accumulators. Personally, I’m not all that convinced by this, despite the general tone that Harold Schmitt takes.

Now, staking wise, as you would expect from a product called 1 Pound Punt, you are exclusively looking at level stakes. Specifically, Harold Schmitt’s recommendation is staking £1 per bet. You really don’t need to spend more he says. All the while talking about how easy it is to scale up your betting…

At this point, it is time to turn back to (and probably remind you of) the second aspect of 1 Pound Punt. Those “Card of the Day” bets. Now in many respects these bets aren’t really anything different to the rest of the service. The only thing that is exceptional is the fact that Harold Schmitt only focuses on one day’s race card.

Of course, this is a very long way from being a separate service. So why would I consider talking about it thusly? Well, honestly, it boils down to the fact that Harold Schmitt does just that. He suggests that if you are following these tips they have their own betting bank, that the bets are treated individually etc. So why wouldn’t I apply the same logic?

How Does 1 Pound Punt Work?

Given my familiarity with the principles of 1 Pound Punt, I also find myself in frustratingly familiar grounds whilst talking about how it works. Really, what Harold Schmitt is saying here is that the whole reason his service works is that you aren’t staking a lot of money, but you can still get some very good returns.

This approach, in the words of Angela Lansbury in Beauty and the Beast, well (it’s very late as I’m writing this) it’s a tale as old as time. What it isn’t, however, despite the prevalence of such services, is in any way shape or form an actual betting system. At best it’s a strategy, but even that doesn’t really count for anything without a decent selection process.

And this is an area where Harold Schmitt simply doesn’t say… Well, anything. Honestly, there is quite literally nothing about what his selection process entails. All that we are told is that he “made some small changes to his bets” and apparently, he’s now operating a tipster service that is seeing some frankly, unbelievable returns. Returns on bets that are inherently improbable in terms of realistically landing.

It isn’t even like there is any real proofing provided. Unfortunately, the reality of 1 Pound Punt is this. You are simply taking Harold Schmitt’s word that everything works. There isn’t really a shred of evidence backing up anything outside of some vague examples. And even these are simply “written out”.

A very real comparison would be me sitting here telling you that I had a four fold come in at 4/1, 6/1, 12/1 and 33/1. Would you ask for evidence of this? Of course you would. Honestly, you’d be made not to.

What is the Initial Investment?

There is just one option available if you want to sign up to 1 Pound Punt. This is a very substantial 12 month subscription which is priced at £52 (plus VAT). This is very much in line with the “£1 theme” with Harold Schmitt helpfully highlighting that this also means that you’ll be paying “**Only £1 Per Week**”.

Also included if you sign up to 1 Pound Punt is a 30 day money back guarantee. This is backed up by the fact that the service you are buying is being sold through Clickbank. A company who are generally pretty reasonable about honouring this (so long as you aren’t a serial returner of products sold through them).  

What is the Rate of Return?

Now we come to the part of 1 Pound Punt that I think is just so fascinating, and that is the way that Harold Schmitt presents his profits. You see, the main claim here is that he made £3,418.32 last year. A number that he really tries to suggest is modest, even saying “It’s not the most a tipster will have made last year (cash wise)”. And he’d be right.

Where things become interesting though is when you convert this into points. Because that means that last year, 1 Pound Punt made 3,418.32 points. To put that into context, that means 284.86 points per month. There are decent and genuine tipsters out there who would take that kind of result for a full year.

This means that Harold Schmitt’s claims put the profits in the wheelhouse of what a good tipster service would make in a decade. Now, with some proofing backing this up (especially for last year) and some information on how Harold Schmitt is able to find longer shot winners consistently enough to accumulate them… I might be a bit less doubtful, but this basic information is just missing.

Conclusion for 1 Pound Punt

In order to really look at 1 Pound Punt, I have to acknowledge the fact that there are effectively two different ways of measuring Harold Schmitt’s success. The irony of this of course is that the results are ultimately the same they’re just dressed up a bit different. One can easily be twisted as sounding reasonable, whilst the other just sounds quite ridiculous.

And to really frame this in the correct context, I’d like to subject Harold Schmitt’s claims to what I call “the man down the pub test”. If a bloke approached you in a pub and asked you for £62.40 (the cost including VAT), and for that, he’d pop in every day and give you tips that would make as much profit in a year as professional bettors do in 10. Would you give him the money?

I know that I’m going to sound incredibly old fashioned here, but if you wouldn’t give something out in real life, why would you do it online? Don’t get me wrong, Harold Schmitt does a very good job of making everything sound reasonable. And that is really a massive part of the sales pitch.

The way Harold Schmitt talks about how expensive it can be following a tipster, there is a lot of truth in that. It really can be massively frustrating to have to stake large amounts and lose out. Now for me, I don’t tend to recommend services like that, because I understand that this isn’t for everybody. But losing money is also just a part of betting. We don’t talk about it in the industry often, but it is still ultimately gambling. No matter how informed.

Which does allow me to pick up one of my biggest problems with 1 Pound Punt. Harold Schmitt’s solution to things not working out is to simply lump together bets into accas and just not spend a lot of money on it. That isn’t a solution. What is important to making a consistent profit is having a tipster who knows what they are looking for in a winner.

Now, at no point does Harold Schmitt demonstrate this. He talks about a few bad runs, how bad everything else is… But what he’s doing that’s so good? There isn’t any information whatsoever. And if I’m blunt, that is rather concerning to me. Because as much as everything else is off putting that is a deal breaker.

Honestly, there isn’t really a lot here that I would say makes 1 Pound Punt worthy of any recommendation. If there were any shred of evidence for those profits then it might just be worth a look. But let’s be honest here. There isn’t. To come full circle, and really hammer home my point, you’re just taking Harold Schmitt’s word.

I don’t even think that you can really say that 1 Pound Punt is that cheap. Sure, ultimately you’re paying £1 per week. But what you’re really doing is paying £52 for something on the hope that Harold Schmitt will still be providing tips past that 30 day money back guarantee. Do I think it’s likely. Frankly, I don’t. And as such, it isn’t even like there is value to be had.

So with no real redeeming features here, I don’t think that it’s unreasonable to say that this is a service which really does deserve a very wide berth.


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